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BMX Escape

The year is 1985. Jody Campbell, a secret government virologist discovers a new substance with groundbreaking properties. With the US Army planning to weaponize it, Jody destroys all but one sample and becomes a fugitive on the run. Short on options and time, Jody receives support from a mercenary driver and two teenage bikers. With the destiny of the world in jeopardy, this group lives under the radar and operates by one moniker and one moniker only: CODENAME Jody.
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BMX Escape is a music producer fusing nostalgic soundscapes with infectiously synth-driven melodies. The project name is inspired by the imagery of teenagers escaping danger on their bikes, tapping into the nostalgia of those much-loved scenes from the eighties-themed movies. Each track is created with an envisioned motion picture in mind and blends influences from vintage soundtracks and popular TV shows. As an '80s kid, Ben maintains the vibrant energy from the iconic era, each project having its own imagined cinematic storyline.

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• Labels: Warner Music / Lazersteel Records / Retrowave Touch / Retro City Records / VHS Heaven

• Compilations: Keytar Records / Synthwave Café / Last Rendez-vous Records

• Vinyls: Keytar Records / Electric Dreams Records

• Venues: La Poudrière (Paris) / L'international (Paris)

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